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The Company


Block Party Events Ltd was established in June 2015 by Managing Director Laura Fielder-Smith, an Advanced Skills Teacher with over 15 years experience in education and play based learning. 

How it all began.....

Our story began with Jacob, who at 3 years old, became obsessed with Lego® and myself at almost 33 who was even more obsessed/addicted. Simple building blocks allowed us to transport ourselves into magical worlds such as Batman’s underground caves, ‘naughty robber’ Jails and Troll’s goat cookery centre. (Long story)

Jacob and I would count down to 2.30 when his little sister Isabelle went down for a nap, this was ‘Lego® time’. At least an hour of uninterrupted time chatting and building without having to worry about a baby trying to eat every brick or her favourite minifigure.

Block Party Events Ltd was born out of a love of creating new worlds, telling stories and playing together. We wanted to create a way of children and their families being able to build together without the expense, tidying up, sorting and storage afterwards. 


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The future...


AFOL pub nights, grandparent sessions, world domination ;) and more...

Follow our business as it builds through our blog and in our gallery albums.

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